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Words on Python

Words on Python is a technical seminar delivering a well founded Python overview for professional Developers, Technical Managers, Data Analysts, and other professionals, helping them evaluate whether Python can be an effective tool in the development process for their future projects.

While no such assessment can be made on the basis of a single session, the opportunity of having an exclusive, fully interactive seminar with an experienced Developer, Product Manager, and Trainer, along with the inclusion of tailor made materials for the audience, will be an exceptionally valuable tool in the decision making process.

General Outline

  • What’s Python: a brief history
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Automation
  • Analitycs
  • Web: Clients and Servers
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Network Services
  • Developer Tooling
  • Fast or Slow?

Seminar Delivery

  • No limit on the number of participants.
  • Single 2h long session.
  • English, Portuguese or Spanish spoken,
    with English presentation materials.
  • At your premises, or others, to be agreed upon.
  • HDMI projection required and, for larger audiences, hands-free microphone for myself and one or more wireless microphones for the audience.
  • Internet access highly recommended.

Tailoring Words on Python

Words on Python is generally delivered per the outline above, interspaced with lots of Q&A mini-sessions. It can be tailored to the audience’s specific interests, however: want information about a specific vertical, like data analysis, or machine learning? Interested in exploring the Python powered automation abilities of tools you use? Looking for a discussion and interactive technology comparison? Such customisations can be accommodated, let’s talk.

For full coverage and complete Python training, checkout This is Python and More of Python.

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