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Need your web front-end developers to tackle Django? Are your data scientists using pandas or other data analysis and machine learning Python based tools? Limited by one-off scripts or GUI based ETL products? Wanting to improve GIS workflows? Is your engineering team looking for ways to automate their processes?

Face to face systematic Python training helps overcoming barriers and accomplishing each of these goals sooner.

Delivered in a relaxed and easy-going tone, but nonetheless attentive and demanding, these offers will get your team up to speed on solid Python programming — either as a starting point or seriously extending their skillset.

Words on Python

Single session seminar for Developers and Technical Managers.

  • Overview of the language, tools and ecosystem.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • Code examples and demos.
  • Fully interactive: questions and discussion welcome!

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Taste of Python

Python Workshop for audiences familiar with programming.

  • 12 hour long workshop.
  • Introduction to modern Python 3.
  • Great focus on fundmentals.
  • Lots of hands-on exercises.

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This is Python

Python training for professionals with programming skills.

  • 32 hour long training course.
  • Covers most of modern Python 3.
  • Lots of hands-on exercises, discussion and useful tidbits.
  • Extend with tailor-made training modules and challenges.

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More of Python wip

Advanced Python training for Python skilled professionals.

  • 32 hour long training course.
  • Advanced Python proficiency: techniques and tools.
  • Meta-programming, testing, profiling, deploying, and more.
  • Fully hands-on, focusing on development performance.

Ask me about it

Git Ready wip

Being regularly asked about git, and seeing that many people — even seasoned pros — still stumble on it, I’ve been giving this some thought and considering the preparation of a practical git workshop, covering strong fundamentals, command line usage and interaction with services like GitHub, GitLab, and others.

Looking for git training? Please let me know.

Kids on Python new

Something I’ve thought about on and off for the last couple of years finally came to be — a kids oriented introduction to programming workshop, with Python.
Dive in, download the full materials, study them, tailor them to your needs and share, prepare, and give the workshop yourself.

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What People have said

Nuno Godinho

Tiago is not your ordinary teacher. He has a deep knowledge on Python and computer science in general. But he also has the gift of being able to share that knowledge in a way that makes everything clear to others. As a bonus, he is an incredible human being with whom you’ll surely connect.

Nuno Godinho, SAP Consultant
Pedro Monteiro

Knowing Tiago for as much as 35 years, as a friend, a colleague, a co-worker and a trainer, puts me in a very privileged position to highly recommend any kind of learning offer he has put together. If Tiago is offering he will deliver it with the highest quality standards you may expect to get!

Pedro Monteiro, Computer Engineer, @Vodafone Group
Vasco Mora

Tiago made Python programming sessions both fun and challenging. Working at a steady pace (…) going through the basic concepts to grant a well-built foundation of Python as well as general programming. I’ve been using it since for data analysis, bulk data imports and data files formatting! Tiago and his Python courses earn my highest recommendation.

Vasco Móra, Advisor for DX and Innovation, Mobility Councilman’s Office - Municipality of Lisbon

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