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This is Python

This is Python is a 32h long technical training course on modern Python programming, focusing on solid fundamentals and an almost complete subset of the language. It is directed at audiences familiar with programming in other, mostly procedural, programming or scripting languages.

On completion, participants will be able to read, understand and modify virtually any existing piece of Python code; additionally, they will be able to incrementally build Python programs of arbitrary complexity, growing towards full-scale production level solutions.

Participant Requirements

  • Have core programming skills, being familiar with variables, expressions, sequential and conditional execution, loops, functions, and ideally, classes/OOP.
  • Have file manipulation skills and be familiar with the command line on their operating system of choice.
  • Bring their laptops, where they will complete the exercises and explore the acquired knowledge.

Training Delivery

  • From 6 to 12 participants.
  • Full immersion 4 to 4.5 days, or 8 daily 4h sessions.
  • English, Portuguese or Spanish spoken,
    with English printed materials and exercises.
  • At your premises, or others, to be agreed upon.
  • HDMI projection and a whiteboard required.
  • Internet access recommended for all participants.

Training Outline

Builtin Types
Builtin Functions
File Operations
Creating Functions
Control Flow
Modules + Packages
Magic Methods
Classes - Deeper
Classes - Inheritance
Advanced Topics

Optional Modules

Database Access
Regular Expressions
HTTP Clients
HTTP Servers
Meta Programming
Coroutines & Async
Testing & Coverage
Others, tailor made.

For advanced Python training, please check More of Python out.

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