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Taste of Python

Taste of Python is a 12h long practical workshop on Python programming, focusing on solid fundamentals and a large subset of the language. It is directed at audiences familiar with programming in other, mostly procedural, programming or scripting languages.

On completion, participants will have a solid Python foundation to build upon, being able to read, understand and modify common Python programs; they will also be able to create effective prototypes and simple programs, that with further experience and training can grow into full-scale production level solutions.

Participant Requirements

  • Have core programming skills, being familiar with variables, expressions, sequential and conditional execution, loops, functions, and ideally, classes/OOP.
  • Have file manipulation skills and be familiar with the command line on their operating system of choice.
  • Bring their laptops, where they will complete the exercises and explore the acquired knowledge.

Workshop Delivery

  • From 6 to 12 participants.
  • Three 4h long, or four 3h long sessions.
  • English, Portuguese or Spanish spoken,
    with English printed materials and exercises.
  • At your premises.
  • HDMI projection and a whiteboard required.
  • Internet access recommended for all participants.

Workshop Outline

Builtin Types
File Operations
Control Flow
Iteration Overview
Modules + Packages
Magic Methods

For deeper coverage and complete Python training, checkout This is Python and More of Python instead.

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