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An avid learner, determined product manager and developer, passionate trainer, coach, and consultant sharing experiences, knowledge and projects; mostly around Python, hopefully in an instructive and entertaining tone.

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Promptar Lead

Promptar is a flexible and powerful CTI software product. I’ve been working as its Product Manager and Lead Developer for a few years now.

Promptar is (mostly) written in Python, which speeds the development pace and simplifies integration with all sorts of phone systems and applications.

Promptar Website

Python Trainer

With more than 10 years of Python experience, and having trained many colleagues, partners and clients in the context of dozens of projects along the way, I started offering professional Python training services in 2017.

I’ve been having very positive feedback and will love to talk to anyone interested in Python and related training topics.

Training Offers

Software Development Consultant

I work with clients to improve existing software based products and services; or in the process of creating new ones.

Systems and software architecture, diverse programming paradigms and languages, multiple database and network technologies, infra-structure services, and project management techniques, tooling and automation, are among the skills I normally provide.

Sometimes focusing on a client’s development processes, tooling, operations, and team organization, other times integrating their development teams, along with their analysts and functional specialists, coding along the software they need, to spec, and on time.

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