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Tiago Montes

Hi! I’m Tiago and I love learning about new things.

I’ve been lucky enough to have the will — and maybe some kind of sane restlessness, at its roots? — to continuously and actively explore new things all throughout my life.
What some would call a source of unhappiness or frustration, is something I feel very differently about: there’s an amazing sense of wonder and empowerment in learning and understanding the world around us — tools and technology, of course, physics and the cosmos, biology and life, people, societies, civilizations, history, and just about anything.
Those a-ha moments, connecting the dots, finally grasping that new idea or tool, and what we become and can create from then on is limitless!

Curiosity, perseverance, knowledge, experimentation, have helped me improving my skills, critical thinking, and growing into better versions of myself — the more I think about it, the more I’m happy with it.

Being passionate about technology, music playing and production, and outdoor activities, like biking and windsurfing, I might feel tempted to write about any of those topics. I won’t, though. This site is focused on technical content, mostly related to my professional activity.

If you’re interested in learning a bit about myself, my professional experience, and the overall journey of how I’ve come to do what I do today, check out my bio here — taking the time to write it down was quite an exercise, which you may find interesting doing yourself; when looking for a one minute version of that, instead, I have condensed it all into a rather blunt curriculum vitae, as well.